Tired of yo-yo dieting? Find out what’s keeping you stuck.


Your Brain’s Fear Center

Which is more like you?


→ Do you set and ACHIEVE your wellness goals with long lasting results? or…


→ Do you set and SABOTAGE your wellness goals?


If you are sabotaging your wellness goals, the fear center of your brain is screaming at you, “Don’t change a thing!” The fear center of your brain believes that you are tiptoeing into very scary territory–that there is a threat. 


You already know the benefits of dropping 30 extra pounds, but have you thought about the price that you’ll pay? What is the downside to achieving your goal? Most people, when asked that question, don’t have the answer. They think, logically, that there is no down side. 


You need to look deeper. 


We don’t sabotage things that aren’t a threat. 


If you are sabotaging your wellness goals, your brain has decided that if you lose 30 pounds then there is going to be a dangerous downside. 


So, what is it?


*You won’t have an excuse


*You’ll lose some friends


*You’ll be in danger


*You won’t be able to maintain it


*You’ll be embarrassed when you gain it back


*You’ll feel like a loser if you fail


There’s something going on inside your head!


How would you like to figure out what that wiring is? How would you like to be able to break free of the experience of sabotage? Your body follows your mind. It all begins with mindset. 


I want to help you uncover what it is that is causing you to sabotage your wellness goals. 

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