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Why Diets Almost Always Fail

Are you STUCK in your weight loss and wellness goals? Do you feel like you set goals all the time like dropping twenty pounds, reducing your stress, increasing your energy, joining a gym, or losing some weight? Are you one that sets the goals, but–like most people on the planet–you quit? You sabotage? You avoid it? Something happens in your life and you use that as an excuse to NOT get where you’re going? Not create permanent wellness and weight loss changes?

If this is you, you have a mindset challenge.

It seems like the physical challenges in our lives must be solved with a physical solution.

Do you need to move into action? Yes, you do, but your mind is probably blocking that.

If you have yo-yo dieted, set a goal and then sabotaged it, think you are just lazy, or don’t want it bad enough; I’m here to tell you that it’s not YOU!

It’s your mindset.

It’s the mental focus and flow.

It’s the energy in your mind that is getting in the way out in the world.

What can you do about it? It’s really easy. A couple of short little questions you can ask yourself will tell you if your failure rate matches the typical failure rate of the public: 99% of people who start a diet don’t maintain weight loss for as little as a year. If you have started and stopped diets; if your weight loss or wellness plan is not permanent, or if you feel like a failure when it comes to your wellness and weight loss goals, then you are probably trying to solve the problem using discipline and willpower alone.

If you are trying to force your body to let go of stress, weight, or muscle building; it’s temporary.

How would you like an approach that is loving, kind, and permanent? How about an approach that leaves you feeling better about yourself on the journey to creating the physical wellness that you seek every single day?

I hope you’ll take a peek at neuroscience based tools, training, and support that can help you, today, begin that journey. Try it for free with no risk! Come and play. Use a Neuro Tool. Come to a session. Listen to a recording. Get pumped up and realize that it’s your mind getting in the way of your physical wellness and we can change that today! Try it for yourself. What have you got to lose?

ICAN Mind and Body gives you easy-to-use science-backed brain tools to finally meet your goals without the struggle, yo-yo dieting, self-sabotage, or the guilt of being human.

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