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Are you struggling with willpower?


Look at how those two words go together: “struggling” and “willpower.”


Maybe you’ve decided this is the summer you’re changing everything. You decide to have a new gym membership, buy new exercise equipment, or join a new eating plan. You’ve ordered products to be delivered to your house. Maybe you even have a coach. You’re all in!


Yet, you’re still struggling with willpower. You’re having trouble staying on the plan.


It doesn’t matter who you made commitments to or how much money you’ve spent; you can’t seem to stay on the plan.


What happens next? You beat yourself up. You start shoulding and shaming all over yourself.


What I want you to recognize is that willpower is using the tiniest portion of your mind to impact the biggest change in your life.


Why not try Neuro Tools that can shift you into ease and flow? To rewrite the subconscious mind: the autopilot driving all of those cravings.


  • What if you woke up in the morning and it was the easiest thing you’ve ever done to get out and go for a run? 
  • What if you started craving the good stuff, like water and green leafy vegetables? 
  • What if every moment of the day you were leaning into self-love and appreciation? 
  • What if you honestly loved and appreciated the journey and realized that this is not a temporary fix?

What you are looking for is a lifestyle change. You want to flip a switch in your brain so that it’s automatic. Your brain is your greatest asset in helping you make good choices everyday with ease and flow and grace.


Do you want your wellness journey to be easy and effortless and fast?


Me, too! After a lifetime of trying it the other ways, I finally gave up on all of those other systems and I chose a MINDPowered system that allows me to go where I want to go and more.


ICAN Mind & Body is the MINDPower app you can take everywhere. Complete with proprietary Neuro Trainings, Neuro Tools, Daily Power-Ups, a Wellness Planner & Log, Wellness Assessment, and Live Weekly Coaching Calls; it’s your tool to turn your wellness goals into reality once and for all.

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