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Some of our favorite success stories

Haley Ragsdale for ICAN Mind & Body

“I started using the mindset tools in the ICAN Mind & Body System every day and began to have huge breakthroughs and amazing results. I dropped 55 pounds and have kept it off.”


Sherrie Day for ICAN Mind & Body

 “I am so thankful and amazed at how quickly and easily my body has responded to my new mindset! I’ve only been using the ICAN Mind & Body program for 12 days and I’ve already dropped 10 unneeded pounds.”



“Do you know what this represents? The power of Neuro Tools! Today I woke up and without even thinking grabbed a bottle of cool, clear, clean, fresh water BEFORE I had my morning Chai tea. It’s working!”


Beverly Hill for ICAN Mind & Body

“After 4 weeks of using ICAN Mind & Body I wake up earlier, I get so much accomplished, I’m eating less sugar, I’m planning my meals. The compound effect of these changes is absolutely amazing.”


Praise from our users

The breakthrough I didn't know I needed...


Wow! I had no idea this would be the missing link to finally unlocking my wellness goals that I have been striving for, for too long!

I’ve tried SO many programs, meal plans, exercise regimens and I always fall off! ALWAYS. I finally understand WHY I have failed in the past. 

I’m finally tapping into the healthy Mind & Body connection/lifestyle I’ve always wanted and it’s all coming together!


Learning to love my body AND my mind


I am loving this program! Between the weekly live check-ins and the daily power-ups, I’m feeling more confident in my ability to overcome my fears of success and of not being worthy and finally truly loving my body. The concepts introduced in this program are so easy to understand and use, even when I’m not at home, and the Neuro Tools are life savers! 


ICAN Mind & Body Applies to LIFE


I signed up for this app to prepare my body for knee surgery. Learning to love myself and my body has impacted my life in ways I never expected. I came through surgery well and avoided the major surgery I wanted to. I am beginning to see my physical therapy exercises as a part of my ongoing lifestyle that I enjoy. I am feeling alive and healthy.

Vivien Keith

ICAN Mind and Body is Awesome!!


I’ve been doing this program for two months now. I am seeing a massive change in my mindset and attitude! These Neuro tools are really powerful in training your mind into a positive and overcoming mindset. I’m excited to continue with this and see my life and health change and thrive!

capital kings



This app is the best tool if you want to rewire your mindset.

Dalia Diago

I CAN Mind Body


This is the best program I have ever seen and it really works! I highly recommend this to anyone who is looking to transform their wellness.

Rick Langenheim

real people. Real results. healthier mindsets.

“ICAN Neuro Tools have drastically shifted my mindset and thought process in such a beautiful way! I am now down 70 pounds, and I’ve created the space to accept and love myself. This was so easy. I am forever grateful for this system and these tools. 🙏🏽🙏🏽


“I am loving this program! I have lost 5 lbs and an inch on my waist and no more sugar controlling me! I feel free for the first time in a long time…”


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