Ditch the Fight to Feel (And Look!) Your Best

Join RaDona Ludlow and Mindset Expert Deb Erickson for a LIVE free training on August 11th and learn how to hit your health and weight loss goals with EASE.

Frustrated working out

Feel like you’ve tried everything (and then some) to eat healthier, sleep better, and move more…. but nothing seems to stick?

Are you tired of obsessing over your weight (and avoiding mirrors) because you don’t feel good in your own skin?

Do you wonder why some people can have lasting results—like the beach body they wanted or accomplishing their goal of running a 5K—but you always struggle?

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with Deb Erickson and RaDona 

Thursday, August 11 at 11am MT

Presented by

RaDona Ludlow


Deb Erickson

Neuro Trainer and
Mindset Expert

ditch the fight with willpower—It’s Time to


In this training, you will…

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This FREE Training Is For You IF You’re…

Ready to Put Your Health First

And stick to it without it feeling like a chore!

On a Weight Loss Journey

Whether it’s the first 100+ or the last 10!

Excited to Combine Your Current Health or Lifestyle Program With MINDpowered Neuro Tools

For better, faster results!

Why Neuro Tools?

Think of them as simple—but powerful—daily exercises for the brain that interrupt harmful triggers that cause you to avoid the gym or dive into a carton of ice cream and instead, adopt new core beliefs that fuel your desire and ability to stay focused on your wellness and weight loss goals.

MINDpowered tools make health and wellness an easy part of every day.

Find Out How ICAN Mind & Body Puts YOU In the Driver’s Seat of Your Health & Wellness—For Good!

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Join RaDona and Deb to learn how to ditch the fight with willpower and hit your health and weight loss goals with EASE.

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