Tired of yo-yo dieting? Find out what’s keeping you stuck.


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deb erickson

One a-ha moment changed everything for Deb, and now she’s sharing her neuroscience-based wellness and weight loss strategies with you.

OUR Story

For the last 25 years, Deb Erickson has been a leading neuro trainer for Fortune 500 companies across the world. Known for giving women and men actionable mindset trainings and tools to create massive shifts in their businesses, Deb is a secret weapon for entrepreneurs and executives looking for sustainable growth and success.

From a professional perspective, Deb was thriving—exciting corporate contracts, a deep fulfillment from the work she was doing, and financial freedom. When it came to her health and wellness, however, she felt STUCK.

After decades of yo-yo dieting—starting at the age of 10—body shaming, bullying, and harmful eating patterns, Deb was DONE.

  • Done losing weight, only to put it back on.
  • Done with the low energy and foggy brain.
  • Done self-sabotaging her weight loss and health goals.

So she got back to doing what she does best and designed a personal neuroscience-based mindset system—similar to what she had developed for her clients for years—for her own health and weight loss journey.

And as they say, the rest is history. More than 5 years after using her own tools and training, Deb has kept the weight off, proving to herself that this system WORKS.

Now Deb has created a MINDpowered wellness and weight loss system for YOU. Instead of forcing change and relying on sheer willpower and discipline, we’re rewiring the way the brain perceives the journey to a healthier, happier you.