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Brain & Body Balance

What if your brain and body could be on the same page? What if you could make your brain believe that it is safe? What if you didn’t have to feel like you were pulling, controlling, dominating, and dragging yourself along to get to your wellness goal?

It’s possible. It doesn’t have to be a struggle.

Weight Loss Made Easy

If your belief around your program is that it can only be done right one way and that you have to do it perfectly, your mindset is setting you up for failure every single time.

How to Set Yourself Up for Success

Mindset is the beginning of everything bad that happens to your wellness program. It’s also the beginning of everything good that happens. People always say that ‘mindset is everything.’ I’m going to tell you that it’s not everything, but everything begins with mindset!

Creating a Vision Board for Weight Loss

Just notice as you observe the world around you with an attitude that is more negative than positive, guess who’s listening? Your mind. Guess who’s following? Your body. Your body follows your mind and your mind follows your emotions, energy, and decisions.

The #1 Weight Loss Mindset Block

Have you ever said, “I can do anything for 30 days?”

The #1 sabotage for hitting your wellness and weight loss goals is a temporary mindset.

Brain Boss Techniques for Weight Loss

Are your thoughts sabotaging your weight loss goals? If you aren’t happy with where you are, you keep yo-yoing, you stop and start, and you’re being controlled by your cravings; then your thoughts are getting in the way. When you say, “I am…”; it’s a command to your mind to behave a certain way.

Your Brain’s Fear Center

If you are sabotaging your wellness goals, the fear center of your brain is screaming at you, “Don’t change a thing!” The fear center of your brain believes that you are tiptoeing into very scary territory–that there is a threat. You must tell a new story!

How Self-Talk Impacts Your Body’s Ability To Lose Weight

When you look in the mirror, do you say, “I love you! This is amazing! This is exactly the body that I intended to create!” If you are doing that, you are using the language of a destination. You are communicating to your body that it is exactly what you wanted (even if it isn’t YET!). You are holding yourself in the vision of perfection. These messages tell the subconscious mind that it’s already true, so it can behave that way!
You must tell a new story!

Why Willpower & Discipline Don’t Work

The story you tell represents your mental and emotional blueprint around your wellness and your weight loss. What’s coming out of your mouth is showing you what is deeply embedded in your mindset. In other words, you cannot create the body of your dreams while you hate it, shame it, and “should” it to death!

You must tell a new story!

Why Diets Almost Always Fail

Are you STUCK in your weight loss and wellness goals? Are you one that sets goals, but–like most people on the planet–you quit? You sabotage? You avoid it?

If this is you, you have a mindset challenge.