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How To Maintain Consistency On Your Wellness & Weight Loss Journey

Do you have a hard time sticking to your wellness, exercise, and nutrition plan?


If you aren’t sticking to your plan, you have a mindset block. Something is going on in your mind that is causing you to sabotage your goals, yo-yo in your habits, and not stay committed to your plan.


So, what do you do? It’s simple. You have to find a mindset solution for a mindset problem


If I can walk beside you with my one-of-a-kind Neuro Training, Neuro Tools, and support; you can change your behavior. I see it happen every day. You can make new decisions moment by moment to move in the direction of honoring what you set out to do. It can be easy if you allow it. 


Research says that using willpower to bear down and make change is the weakest approach. Your willpower is only available to you for about 3 minutes per hour. That means that you are on your own for the other 57 minutes of the hour. Those are not good odds!  It’s not that you don’t have discipline; it’s just that it’s not available most of the time. Choose another way. 


When you take a mindset approach instead of a willpower approach, you become the boss of your mind and body. When you decide to reframe your mind for wellness, you can stay on your plan easily. When you put mindset first, you leave the struggle behind. 


If you are frustrated because you can’t stick to your plan, the tools you are using aren’t supporting you fully. I’d love to give you the tools that will help you transform your mind and body for good. I’d love for you to experience how you can enjoy your journey to your wellness, fitness, and health goals with ease, joy, and flow. 


Try ICAN Mind & Body on me for two weeks to see what I mean. You’ll have access to learning modules, daily power-ups, my proprietary Neuro Tools, an active online community, and live weekly check-in support. You can take it wherever you go with our convenient app. If you don’t notice a difference after using the app every day for 14 days, simply email us at support@icaninstitute.com to cancel. It’s that easy. 

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