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ICAN Mind & Body isn’t your typical health and weight loss program. 

We don’t stress about the numbers on the scale, what nutrition plan you’re trying, or if you work out in a gym 5 days a week or do yoga at home daily.

We don’t rely on willpower to say no to freshly baked cookies at the company party or shame you for ditching the gym for a round of margaritas with your girlfriends.

Hey, we’re humans—perfectly imperfect and used to relying on short-term discipline to yield the results we want. That’s why we struggle maintaining results weeks, months, and years into a program. 

Friends, willpower is never sustainable long-term.

But MINDpower?

Now that’s the missing key.

Using MINDpowered tools, training, and daily support, our members learn to motivate themselves, reframe negative thoughts, and make healthier choices no matter the circumstances (like celebration dinners or feeling stressed out and looking for comfort food!)

All in less than 10 minutes a day—
check it out for yourself!

Daily Power-Ups

These daily 5 to 7-minute Power-Up training videos help you start your day strong and inspire you to stay on track with your goals.

Brain Training

Every two weeks, dig deep with a 20-minute brain training session centered on a pillar of the mind-body connection.

ICAN Neuro Tools

Proven, easy-to-use Neuro Tools help you stick with any diet, wellness program or lifestyle habit with greater ease.

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