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Does Breathing Affect Weight Loss?

If you are carrying more weight than you want, you are not breathing.

You are not breathing enough. You are not breathing deeply. Do you know that your breath is what communicates to your mind that you are under distress, under threat? It tells your brain that it needs to hold on to the fat, your metabolism needs to slow down, and you need to bulk up. That’s the message that insufficient breath gives your brain.

If you are breathing shallowly, holding your breath, living in fear–in resistance; then you are making it twice as hard for your body to feel safe and comfortable enough to release unnecessary fat.

Box breathing communicates to the brain, “all is well here.” It calms the energy. When you are feeling cravings, fear, anxiety, frustration, judgment, comparison, and sabotage; box breathing will help tremendously.

Try it:

  • Breathe in deeply through your nose for four counts
  • Hold the breath for four counts
  • Release for four counts, slowly
  • Hold for four counts
  • Repeat

As you experience box breathing, your heart rate will decrease and your blood pressure begins to go down. The message to your brain is that all is well. It says, “I don’t need the sugar. I don’t need the fat. I don’t need all of this extra stuff. All I need is right here, right now.”


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