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When you’re ready to lose weight and improve your health for good, ICAN Mind and Body gives you easy-to-use science-backed brain training tools to help you stick to your plan and finally meet your goals without the struggle, yo-yo dieting, self-sabotage, or the guilt of being human.

being healthy shouldn't be

a constant battle

Instead of forcing change with willpower and discipline, the mindset tools inside this one-of-a-kind system rewire the way the brain perceives the journey to a healthier, happier you. This is called MINDpower.

Mindset→ Action = Sustainable Results.

Man Listening to Wellness & Weight Loss Neuro Tools


Neuro Tools?

Think of them as simple—but powerful—daily exercises for the brain that interrupt harmful triggers that cause you to avoid the gym or dive into a carton of ice cream and instead, adopt new core beliefs that fuel your desire and ability to stay focused and meet your wellness and weight loss goals.

this works...

“Prior to this program, I couldn’t even go a full day without messing up my food plan. I was focusing on what I couldn’t have and it ate me up. When I started using ICAN Mind and Body and working on my mind, the transformation began. At 2 months in, 20 pounds is forever gone. No big slip ups. I’m here to tell you this works.”


With MINDpowered tools and support, saying YES to a healthier you has never been so easy.

ICAN Mind & Body Wellness & Weight Loss Program
New Tools Delivered to the App Bi-Weekly

New mind and body modules, Neuro Tools, and brain training sessions centered on a pillar of the mindset-body connection.

Start Your Day Right

Set yourself up for success with our daily 5-minute power-up videos and wellness log to motivate you to stay on track with your goals.

LIVE Support and Accountability

Live Coaching/Q&A calls with our community for feedback, accountability, and support

Benefits Beyond Weight Loss

We mean it when we say a healthier, happier you. We guarantee you’ll reduce stress and release limiting beliefs, while increasing your energy and focus. The result? A body and mind that looks and feels younger.

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Mindpowered wellness & weight loss

from mindset trainer deb erickson

Watch this video to see how SHE took control of her health using mindset-focused brain training tools.

Thanks to MINDpowered tools and support, you can

let go of the internal fight

that makes healthier habits so hard to keep!
Daily Power-Ups
keep you motivated and on track
Wellness & Weight Loss App Modules
ICAN Neuro Tools
shift the way you think and feel
Wellness & Weight Loss App Neuro Tools, Affirmations
Weekly Live Coaching/Q&A
for support and accountability

No more starting over.

a healthier, happier you starts here.

Only $19.95/month or $199/year.

This was so easy...

“ICAN Neuro Tools have drastically shifted my mindset and thought process in such a beautiful way! I am now down 70 pounds I’ve created the space to accept and love myself. This was so easy. I am forever grateful for this system and these tools. 🙏🏽🙏🏽”


sustainable Results

(Psst... for everyone!)

  • Looking for a program that doesn’t rely on willpower and discipline alone?
  • Want proven, easy-to-use Neuro Tools to help you stick with any diet, wellness program or lifestyle with greater ease?
  • Ready for a lifestyle-friendly way to rewire the brain to lose weight and create healthier habits with more ease?
  • Have you tried “everything else” but never achieve or maintain your weight or wellness goals?
ICAN Mind & Body Is For YOU!

real people. Real results. healthier mindsets.

Haley Ragsdale for ICAN Mind & Body

“I started using the mindset tools in the ICAN Mind & Body System every day and began to have huge breakthroughs and amazing results. I dropped 55 pounds and have kept it off.”


Sherrie Day for ICAN Mind & Body

 “I am so thankful and amazed at how quickly and easily my body has responded to my new mindset! I’ve only been using the ICAN Mind & Body program for 12 days and I’ve already dropped 10 unneeded pounds.”



“Do you know what this represents? The power of Neuro Tools! Today I woke up and without even thinking grabbed a bottle of cool, clear, clean, fresh water BEFORE I had my morning Chai tea. It’s working!”


Beverly Hill for ICAN Mind & Body

“After 4 weeks of using ICAN Mind & Body I wake up earlier, I get so much accomplished, I’m eating less sugar, I’m planning my meals. The compound effect of these changes is absolutely amazing.”


Are you ready to be our next success story?

ICAN Mind and Body is the missing link to finally meet your wellness and weight loss goals with more ease, flow, and long-term success than you ever thought possible.
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